FAQ - Frequently asked questions about DVD Case Insert Covers

Question:  What software should I use to print my DVD case insert covers?

Answer:  There are many different software programs that may be used to create DVD case inserts.  Our favorite is Adobe Illustrator.  Illustrator can give you a professional looking DVD case insert for your project with ease by importing a PDF template and building your graphic on top of it.  This allows you to keep the DVD case insert template visible so you know where to place the images and text, while designating it as a non-printing layer.  In other words layer 1 would not print, layer 2 would hold the photo or illustration and layer 3 would hold your text.  You can have unlimited layers in Illustrator.  Adobe Photoshop or Photoshop Elements are also good programs for making DVD case inserts and work in much the same way with layers.  Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Photoshop Elements are available in Windows.  Some are available in Mac format as well.

 Another software option for creating DVD case inserts is Quick Start Label Studio Pro.  It is an inexpensive labeling program that is easy to use.  It has many advanced features and is Vista compatible.  Includes backgrounds, clipart, fonts and barcodes.  One of our favorite features is the ability to edit vertical text for the DVD case insert spine area by simply clicking on it once and it swings into a horizontal format for editing and when you have completed the edit.  One more click and it snaps back into its original vertical position.  The combo Windows/Mac disc ships from Professional Label with a companion template disc for the Windows version, but Mac users can make a custom DVD case insert template in minutes with a handy template maker.

You might want to try the free software available from www.openoffice.org (they do request a donation if you like it - we do).  Their office suite includes a program called Draw which is very similar to Illustrator that uses vector based graphics and layers.  Just call or email us for a free template to print our DVD case insert covers with that program.  We also have free Draw templates for our other CD, DVD and Video sheets as well.

Question:  Which DVD case insert format or stock type is best for archive purposes?

Answer:  The laser gloss DVD case insert.  It is designed with a special laser coating to enhance toner adhesion.  This 2 sided Laser high Gloss stock features a bright white, mirror-smooth surface and provides an exceptional printed gloss finish.  Elemental chlorine free, acid free and archival quality, and should give best results for retaining image quality and stock composition.

Question:  DVD case inserts come in many sheet sizes, which one should I use?

Answer:  The best DVD case insert sheet size is really personal preference, many customers like the full bleed legal size 8 1/2" x 14" sheet (High resolution item #8514HR , standard resolution item #8514D714), which tears down to a custom fit (7 1/4" 10 11/16") for the clear plastic window on the outside of the DVD case.  It is a good choice because it has ample margins around each side of the DVD case insert and the fact that virtually all printers and software programs have a setting for US legal size sheets.  The bleed area is large enough that you can move a photo or graphic around to find the best placement, without having to do extensive cropping and editing to make it fit correctly.  For best results using Illustrator or Photoshop, move your photo or image around until the area you want to show on your finished piece is placed within the perforated area.  If you have excess image overflow, simply make rectangular "white" boxes to cover up the overflow, as this will save you toner or ink.  Then just print, fold, and detach on the Clean Edge perforations.

The A4 sheet size 8.25" x 11.7" (matte item #A41034M, inkjet photo gloss item #A4JG1034) is also a good choice as it is compatible with many software programs such as Memorex© exPressit tm Label Design Studio, it has less bleed area on one end of the sheet.  It is coated on both sides which can be useful if you make a mistake on one side, just turn it over and print again.  The two sides coated also can be used to your advantage if using a clear DVD case and you want to have information or photos show through on the inside.  100 A4 size sheets also can fit into a flat rate USPS envelope, so your shipping costs on that quantity may be less than the larger legal size sheets.  The A4 size is also the world standard sheet size, so they should work pretty much any where you may send them for your project.  Another reason A4 sheets have become a popular size is the shelf space aspect - it is easier to display on retail shelves.

Question:  I use an Inkjet printer, which stock has the fastest drying time?

Answer:  Drying time can be an issue when trying to make multiple DVD case inserts on an inkjet printer, especially with uncoated matte paper.  When using a specially coated paper such as Ultra High Resolution Matte stock (Item #8514HR) the ink dries almost immediately with no smearing even with full photo background printing.  The fastest (and best quality) drying time is achieved using the inkjet photo gloss stock.  Drying time is so fast they are often times dry as soon as they are printed.  This avoids the problem of letting them sit and possibly smearing due to handling before they are completely dry.

Question:  Can I use Laser Gloss DVD case inserts in an Inkjet printer?

Answer:  No, the Inkjet Gloss inserts have a special coating that promotes quick drying and high resolution only with Inkjet printers.  The Laser Gloss inserts also have a different type of special coating for use with laser printers and promotes toner adhesion and high resolution images when used on a laser printer.

Question:  What type of printer can I use Matte DVD case inserts in?

Answer:  Matte inserts are very versatile - they can be used on inkjet, digital, offset, high-speed and laser printers.

Question:  What size photo image should I use for a background on my DVD case insert?

Answer:  The best size to start with is approximately 7 1/2" x 11".  That size should give just a little bleed over the edges of the actual DVD case insert size of 10 3/4" x 7 3/16" when using the full bleed DVD case inserts.

Question:  How can I make my background image less intense or prominent so that the text is more easily read?

Answer:  Using Photoshop or Illustrator you have the ability to adjust the transparency of your images.  Many times wedding videographers will use this feature to make an image with a softer feel to it for their presentation wedding DVDs.

Question:  I use clear DVD cases so the inside of the DVD case inserts are visible, what inserts are best to use with these cases?

Answer:  The best two sided DVD case inserts are the Laser Gloss, which are silky smooth, high resolution for use on laser printers.  They will give you a presentation quality image on both sides.  The matte inserts will work as well.  The Inkjet photo gloss inserts are inkjet coated on one side only, the inside surface is matte.


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