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Panasonic Blu-ray Discs 1 - 4x!  Above item LM-BR25LDE now in stock

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Many other Panasonic Blu-ray discs are available as well.  Panasonic Blu-ray Inkjet printable discs coming soon...

Write-Once Blu-ray Disc- single 25GB Single-sided, Single-layer Write-Once Blu-ray Disc with 4x writing speed!

Panasonic introduces the world's first 4x write-once Blu-ray Discs, The 4x speed performance can easily handle large amounts of data, including high definition content, with a maximum data transfer speed of 144 Mbps. That means a 1GB folder can be copied in just one minute, while a DVD-RW with 2x speed needs six minutes. And with Panasonic's phase-change recording technology, you get precise and stable recording even when writing at 4x high speed.  Great for HD or archiving data.

TDK Blu-ray Discs

TDK Blu-ray Inkjet Printable Discs 25GB

TDK Blu Ray Disc 25GB Inkjet Printable BD-R 25 discs.

White inkjet printable surface, hub printable. Sold only as 25 disc spindle. 2x speed.

Item #: BD-R25PWX25CB


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